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Tolomatic Electric Rod Actuator with High force and motor mounting flexibility

March 14, 2013

Tolomatic Electric Rod ActuatorsThe Tolomatic RSA/RSM electric rod actuators offer the most complete selection of sizes, options and system components.

Designed with high performance, high thrust, dependability and mounting flexibility in mind, the RSA/RSM electric rod actuator offers a cost-competitive solution for a multiude of motion control applications.

Netflix uses Cognex image-based barcode readers to automate the DVD return process

March 8, 2013

read the Netflix storyOne of the most expensive processes at Netflix was the handling of DVD returns. Huge resources were tied up in manually opening mailers, taking out the sleeved discs, checking the titles on the DVDs against the sleeves, checking the discs for physical defects, cleaning them and scanning them into the system.

The automated solution utilizes advanced DataMan® barcode readers from Cognex to read barcodes on the envelope, sleeve, and DVD disc, which is communicated by the Bronway machine to a central server to ensure complete traceability throughout the process.

High-speed Cartesian Robot Shortens assembly/inspection cycle times

March 7, 2013

CT4 Cartesian RobotThe CT4 high-speed Cartesian Robot shortens assembly/inspection cycle times by operating at high speed, ensuring high rigidity and demonstrating excellent straight moving performance.  High-speed operation with commanded acceleration of up to 3.2 G.