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Solutions in Motion and Technology Forum

November 6, 2017

Sim Truck and LogoMitsubishi’ mobile showroom brings its full array of motion control solutions directly to our customers. In addition to the Solutions in Motion showroom, our Automation Partners will be on hand displaying the latest in industrial automation technology.

November 16th – Camarillo, CA

November 17th – Costa Mesa

Incentive Software Components PC-based control for automated industrial processes

March 16, 2017

Incentive SoftwareControl Technology’s Incentive  is a flexible family of software building blocks enabling comprehensive plant automation strategies.

IncentivePLC – a multitasking control runtime system executing the powerful QuickBuilder programming environment

IncentiveECAT – a high-performance EtherCAT master controller for direct control of EtherCAT devices from standard PC hardware

IncentiveAPI – a DLL offering a high-level control API for C#, C++ or VB.Net code

WAGO 757-801 Bluetooth Module

February 26, 2015

Connecting serial interfaces and devices wirelessly 

WWago BluetoothAGO’s new 757-801 Bluetooth Module (RS-232, IP67) provides reliable and wireless data transmission for more efficient automation applications – no matter whether it is for operation in normal or harsh environmental conditions.

The Bluetooth Module allows you to wirelessly connect the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 with any external Bluetooth devices. The fully encapsulated 757-801 Module (IP67) also provides uncompromised protection against dust and water.

Mitsubishi GOT Simple HMI

February 26, 2015

Entry-level Visualization Technology for the Price-conscious 

TGOTSimple  Clayton Controlshe new range of GS HMIs from Mitsubishi Electric are a cost-effective series offering a simple and flexible entry-level option for newcomers to the world of machine visualization.

The GS Series offers the FA transparent function allowing access to automation components such as PLCs, frequency inverters and servo amplifiers within a system via the HMI. This enables data from connected components to be viewed and parameters or other settings to be adjusted from a central location.

Mitsubishi iQ Works Software Suite – designed to make your work easier

December 3, 2014

iQ WorksMELSOFT iQ Works is a project management software solution that integrates the various programming and design software’s for Mitsubishi Electric’s programmable controllers, motion controllers and GOT’s. The result is one seamless engineering environment.

The iQ Works suite contains four different core software packages that serves as the system configuration software and launching pad for programming, configuring and debugging all of your automation solutions.

Clayton Controls adds Mitsubishi Electric to Automation Solutions

August 26, 2014

Clayton Controls is pleased to announce the addition of Mitsubishi Electric Automation to our solutions offering!

Mitsubishi productsMitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc., is part of a $40 billion global company serving a wide variety of industrial markets with a family of automation products including programmable logic controllers, variable frequency drives, operator interfaces, motion control systems, servo amplifiers and motors.

EtherCAT Applications Guide

August 7, 2014

ethercat guideThe most advanced open protocol for Servo Control and remote I/O

Learn more about the use and capabilities of EtherCAT, the widely-adopted open networking protocol for motion control and I/O. This informative guide provides detailed programming examples for many of the advanced capabilities possible using EtherCAT.

Download Application Guide

Clayton Controls’ EtherCAT compatible automation components

June 26, 2014

EtherCAT Automation ComponentsClayton Controls wide selection of EtherCAT compatible automation components provides the benefits of a single-source for your machine and motion control solutions without the restrictions of having to use just a single manufacturer’s technology. Those benefits include:

• Total system accountability
• In-depth application and product knowledge
• Technical and programming support
• Engineering, design and assembly capability

Eurotherm E+PLC100 – A Compact, Precision PLC

May 1, 2014

eplc100With the best in PID control and recording performance

E+PLC100 is a cleverly designed PID controller, recorder and PLC all in a compact, single box instrument with a 3.5″ TFT color touchscreen.

Using an open industry standard (IEC 61131-3) platform and a single, integrated programming environment, it dramatically reduces engineering time while offering better process performance and easier regulatory compliance.

Dorner Launches 7100 Series AquaGard Stainless Steel Table Top Conveyor

March 25, 2014

Dorner 7100 AquaGardDorner’s new AquaGard® 7100 Series Stainless Steel Table Top Chain Conveyor can twist and turn into the tightest of spaces. The flexibility is ideal for product routing in wipe down sanitary applications in the food, packaging and pharmaceutical industries.