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Clayton Controls Partners with SCHUNK

February 16, 2018

Clayton Controls is excited to announce our partnership with SCHUNK.

Clayton and SCHUNKSCHUNK is the world’s No. 1 for handling technology and gripping systems – from the smallest parallel grippers to the automated handling of workpieces.

SCHUNK offers the world’s largest range of automated handling and gripping systems and with more than 2,550 SCHUNK grippers, the broadest range of standard gripper components on the market.  learn more…

Wireless Data Setting for Electric Cylinders

February 1, 2018

Set operation conditions with wireless connection

IAI TB3 teachingNow The ELECylinders position adjustments and operating conditions can be set by the TB-03 teaching pendant from outside the equipment, even without a cable connection.
The TB-03 can monitor the operating status of up to 16 axes while receiving wireless data from the ELECylinder. Error recovery time can also be shortened by troubleshooting with wireless connection.
The ELECylinder electric actuators replace air cylinders. With multi-positioning it can start and stop smoothly at high velocity, reducing cycle times.
TB-03 Teach Pendant ELECylinders

Tolomatic MXB-S Linear Belt Drive Actuator

January 9, 2018

Tolomatic MXBSThe MXB-S is a compact belt drive linear actuator for use in applications requiring light to moderate load carrying and guidance. The bearing system of the MXB-S linear belt drive utilizes two field-replaceable solid bearings that optimize performance, rigidity and life. Featuring a trapezoidal, self-cleaning bearing system, the MXB-s linear belt drive a good choice for applications in paper production or sawmills. This low-cost, economical belt drive actuator features speeds up to 100 in/sec (2540 mm/sec) and thrusts up to 418 lbf (1860 N). All MXB-S linear belt drive actuators are built-to-order in stroke lengths up to 200 inches (5080 mm).

  • 6 body sizes
  • Oversized pulley bearings for longer life
  • High-power polyurethane belt resists stretching
  • Easy access belt tensioning system with no disassembly required
  • Field replaceable bearings for extended service life
  • Large, flexible carrier mounting surface

Tolomatic MXB-S Linear Belt Drive Actuator

Solutions in Motion and Technology Forum

November 6, 2017

Sim Truck and LogoMitsubishi’ mobile showroom brings its full array of motion control solutions directly to our customers. In addition to the Solutions in Motion showroom, our Automation Partners will be on hand displaying the latest in industrial automation technology.

November 16th – Camarillo, CA

November 17th – Costa Mesa

Tolomatic RSX Extreme Force Electric Actuators

March 2, 2017

tolomatic-rsxReplace hydraulics without the messy leaks or noisy operation.  The RSX is a high force electric actuator designed for rugged service, long life and is an ideal choice for replacing hydraulic cylinders.

The RSX family of extreme force electric linear actuators are more efficient and flexible compared to hydraulic cylinders. Designed and tested for 100% duty cycle, the RSX-096 is capable of 30,000 lbf (133.5 kN) and is designed to withstand extreme conditions and cold-weather operation.

Mitsubishi MR-J4 Ultra-compact DC Servo

June 2, 2016

MR-J4 compactThe newest addition to the MR-J4 product line are the Ultra-compact DC servos available as a general purpose or multi-axis SSCNETIII/H interface from 10-30W.

These petite DC servos are packed with features such as built-in positioning function for easy programming without a positioning module, vibration suppression and a customer favorite one-touch auto-tuning. Keep this powerful little DC servo in mind for compact X-Y tables, processing machines, inspection systems, or electrical device assembling systems and more.

ROBO EXPO December 10th

November 30, 2015

ROBO EXPO dec 10 2015Attend the ROBO Expo on December 10th and get an IAI Actuator/Controller worth up to $1,500*


IAI CT4 Cartesian robot with grip-and-turn functionality

August 28, 2015

IAI CT4 Cartesian RobotIAI’s CT4 is now equipped with a variation of Pick Rotate specification which provides a grip-and-turn function. The grip-and-turn function, for light work pieces, allows efficient handling of materials and shapes which are difficult to grip by vacuum.

The CT4 high-speed Cartesian Robot shortens assembly/inspection cycle times by operating at high speed, ensuring high rigidity and demonstrating excellent straight moving performance.  High-speed operation with commanded acceleration of up to 3.2 G (maximum instantaneous acceleration: 4.8 G).

Cognex PatMax RedLine – The fastest pattern matching tool ever

May 14, 2015

RedLineCognex has introduced PatMax RedLine™, a feature-location technology that reinvents the industry-leading PatMax® pattern-matching tool by maximizing speed and performance. Available in the latest Cognex® In-Sight Explorer™ software version 5.1, PatMax RedLine technology is optimized to run on these three new In-Sight® vision systems.

Pattern matching represents the critical first step in most machine vision applications. Because previous tools imposed certain speed limitations, many applications resorted to lower resolution cameras to keep pace with production lines. PatMax RedLine technology performs faster on high-resolution vision systems, eliminating the tradeoff between speed and performance, and enabling customers to increase resolution and gain accuracy without sacrificing speed. With the incredibly fast pattern matching of PatMax RedLine technology, our customers don’t have to compromise on performance.

Come See Mitsubishi Solutions in Motion

September 11, 2014

SolutionsinMotionClayton Controls will be hosting Mitsubishi Electric Automations mobile showroom at 5 locations throughout California.  Come see first-hand what unifies all of the Mitsubishi Electric Automation disciplines into a one-of-a-kind solution!

October 6th – Placentia, CA

October 7th – Del Mar, CA

October 8th – Thousand Oaks, CA

October 9th – Hayward, CA

October 10th – Lincoln, CA